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Social Activites

Youth Initiatives

We offer many opportunities for our students to expand their learning with field trips both educational and recreational.  From excursions to  museums and libraries, to fun time at the water park at our own facility, our students are able to expand their horizons both mentally and physically.

Intervention &

MEYGA Learning Center specializes in working with youth that have had difficulties in more traditional educational environments. We champion many approaches to learning that allow our students to achieve success independent of their prior experiences.


MEYGA Learning Center provides nutritional meals that are USDA approved. Nutritious meals or snacks are provided weekly. Facilitated by Daily Bread Food bank & MEYGA caterers.


MEYGA Learning Center is a safe environment that allows students to thrive without concern of external or internal environmental pressure. We provide an environment where students can learn and grow with focus on educational upward mobility in a safe space.

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